Repairs to close NB Dale Mabry Highway until Friday

The good news is the broken 60-year-old water pipe that closed a portion of South Dale Mabry Highway on Monday has been fixed.
But the now the task at hand is repairing Dale Mabry Highway between Ballast Point and Gandy boulevards.
A road closure caused by the water main break is expected to remain until Friday.
Alasyha Middag's morning walk commute to work was rerouted through several detours.
"To see all these cars and walk in the grass to make sure no one hits me, it's pretty crazy," said Middag.
The water pipe busted after what crews call a water hammer – basically too much pressure that acts like a freight train inside the pipeline –  split the line.
"It will result in a broken pipe at the weakest point of the pipeline. So over many years of that happening it can result in a rupture in a pipeline and that can be catastrophic," said Brad Baird, the director of Tampa Water Department.
While Baird doesn't see this as a catastrophic, his crews fixed the pipeline overnight. 
The rupture caused traffic congestion and forced 17 businesses to boil their water.
The owner of Pinarama, a bowling alley off the construction zone, is taking all this in stride and sees a bright side.
"Well it's exposing my business. I have never had this many cars on the side street ever!" said Corky Herritt. "And as far as the water main, I just give away bottled water and everyone is happy."
Middag is also taking it in stride.
"My commute to work is a little bit longer, but that's OK. I know it will be fixed," said Middag.
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