VIRAL VIDEO: Florida charter boat captain fishing on a kayak nearly becomes one shark's lunch

STUART, Fla. - A Florida man fishing on a kayak nearly became one shark's lunch.

Charter fishing captain Ben Chancey was fishing off Stuart on Florida's east coast when he hooked a large giant shark on his line.

For a couple of minutes Chancey fought with the shark, trying to reel him in on his line. The shark was so powerful it spun Chancey around in a circle on his kayak.

At one point, with the shark right underneath the kayak, the big fish kicked its powerful tail, causing the kayak to capsize, throwing Chancey into the water.

Chancey swims for his life to a nearby boat to get out of the water as the shark was still circling the area.

The fishing captain was able to hop back into the kayak to try to finish catching the shark.

You can watch the video below or at

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