VIDEO: "We're Not Young" song parody skewers the 30-something Generation X lifestyle

TAMPA - There seems to be no love lost between the two generations that follow the Baby Boomers.

Generation X is often portrayed as pessimistic, dour, brooding and individualistic. That compares to views  Millennials are optimistic and idealistic but have been spoiled growing up.

To come clean, I am a member of Generation X and I personally do not think it is easy to categorize any generation. However some generalities do tend to stay the same as people get older.

Yahoo!'s SketchY comedy series parodies the changes the 30-somethings are going through in their viral "We're Not Young" video.

The spoof of the "We Are Young" song by Fun, shows the how getting older can be difficult.

With visuals that include an overweight, ice-cream eating guy who watches "Modern Family"; Zoloft-popping depressed couples; a Words With Friends-playing bartender and people just plainly scared with their lives, the video shows the truth can hurt.

But is it really true? One line is quiet disturbing.

"We've accomplished almost nothing. I have no money. Where's my guns?"

I don't think life is that bad. Has Generation X accomplish much? Compared to the baby boomers, no we haven't. But they've had a twenty year head start. Just like we have on the Millennials.

So maybe the best really is yet to come.

Watch the video below or at .

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