VIDEO: Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' music video parody stars Bieber as a puppet in love

TAMPA - Tim Richardson, a filmmaker behind some cult parodies of highly successfully films, released a video satire this week of Justin Bieber's latest music video, Boyfriend.

In 2006 and 2010, Richardson Productions released The Dork of the Rings and Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise. Both movies screened at over twenty film festivals and conventions worldwide.

Dork won the "Best Comedy/Parody" at ConNooga 2008 and Harvey was awarded Microfilmmaker Magazine's "Beast of Show Feature Film" in November 2010.

With success like that, and short films like 2011's Night of the Living Spuds, Richardson is extending his comedic talents to parodying the music industry.

In Toyfriend, Richardson uses puppets to recreate Bieber's music video with re-written hilarious lyrics including lines like: "My belly's full of stuffing and my hair is made of felt ... You can move my arms and take me where you go."

Another great line references an original television puppet -- the muppet, which first appeared in 1963 on The Jimmy Dean Show: "So warm up your hands, 'cause you're what I need, girl ... Spend a week wit me babe I'll be calling you Jim Henson."

First published on YouTube on May 14, the Toyfriend video topped 13,000 videos in less than four days.

You can watch Toyfriend below or by visiting .

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