VIDEO: Daily Show's Jon Stewart pokes fun at RNC, Tampa and media coverage

As multiple media outlets gathered around at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday, Comedian Jon Stewart was just a few miles away putting on The Daily Show at the Straz Center.

No topic was off limits, including some of the media's non-RNC related coverage, like Tampa's notorious strip club scene and the decision to have the convention in a hurricane-prone area in the middle of hurricane season.

One of Stewart's reporter's contrasted Tampa's strip club scene with the administration's morality in jest, saying, "anything goes (with the) liberalism of the Obama administration."

When Stewart asks, "Why do you think the Republicans would choose to have their convention here in Tampa then in the end of August?" his fake news correspondent says there was symbolism in the decision and the effects of Hurricane Isaac. 

"In just three-and-a-half years, this once bustling metropolis is now a wind and rain-soaked foreclosed shell of itself."

To check out his comical take on the RNC, watch the video at

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