VIDEO: Cable channel TNT's red button adds lots of drama to boring town in Belgium

BELGIUM - Remember in the movie Men in Black, Tommy Lee Jones told Will Smith whatever you do, do not to press the little red button? Image how hard that would be to do in real life.

To promote the launch of the cable channel TNT in Belgium, advertising agency Duval Guillaume created a viral video featuring a red button.

The button was placed a small Flemish town square with a sign above it reading "Push to add drama." It only took a few minutes before someone pushed it.

Immediately an ambulance arrived on scene to carry away an injured person. From there, a scantly-clad woman drove by on a motorcycle, a shootout occurred between police and crooks, a a bicyclist and EMS worker brawled, and football players came out to carrying away the injured person.

It turns the people appearing in the video are stunt people -- except for the onlookers and the person who pushed the button. The dramatic reactions by the "real" townsfolk is what the ad agency wanted to promote the cable channel.

"People are too flabbergasted to react or to run away or intervene," said Marc Wellens, partner at Duval Guillaume.

The ad agency ending up shooting the scene multiple times.

"We did it like 11 times. So there are 11 people pushing the button, and from the best reactions we made a compilation," said Wellens.

You can watch the final version at

Information from CNN was used in this article.

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