UT student Alexander Broughton denies alcohol enema, plans to sue for wrongful information leak

KNOXVILLE - The University of Tennessee student who officials say nearly died after "butt-chugging" wine during a frat party last month now denies that he did it, and he plans to sue police for leaking incorrect information, according to a Daily Mail report.  

20-year-old Alexander Broughton was rushed to the hospital September 22 with a blood alcohol level five times the legal limit, and police records state a friend at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity party witnessed Broughton having an alcohol enema to get drunk faster.

Police say evidence from the party and Broughton's injured rectum seemed to support the report the claim.

But Broughton now says that as a Christian, he wouldn't desecrate his body by butt chugging, and media reports have implied that he's gay when he isn't, according to the story.

At an October 2 conference, Broughton said he would never do such a thing as it's against God's law. His lawyer said they will take legal action.

University officials have suspended the fraternity until 2015.

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