Study finds common baby soaps, shampoos cause babies to test positive for marijuana

An usual amount of babies are testing positive for marijuana, but a recent study says the culprit is something many infants are exposed to every day---baby soaps and shampoos.

When babies test positive for drugs, it can lead to an investigation from child welfare authorities, TIME reports.

But exposure to a number of popular products, including cleansers from Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson and CVS, are causing false positives for the drug in babies' urine samples.

University of North Carolina researchers began a study after an alarming amount of newborns started testing positive for the drug.

Drug testing for newborns isn't abnormal, particularly when the parent is prone to illegal drug use.

The study found that marijuana wasn't responsible, but certain chemicals in the baby products, including polyquaternium-11 and cocamidopropyl betaine, triggered the positive results.

It is unclear why the chemicals yield the results, but officials say these babies don't suffer from any marijuana-induced symptoms.

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