Stripper calls cops to try and return cash to customer on Christmas Eve

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Twas the night before Christmas, when a stripper's conscious lead her to confess to  police that she took a man's money, according to a Smoking Gun report.

Amanda Blocker, 27, called Panama Police in tears, saying she took $40 that an intoxicated man had left behind at her workplace, the Golden Nugget Lounge.

Blocker said she had been speaking with a customer who said he planned to give her $40. The patron later passed out from intoxication. When he woke up, he quickly left the club.

Blocker said she noticed the man's money still on the table and took it.

When she got home however, she felt like a thief for taking the cash. She called police 15 minutes before Christmas Day and told authorities what happened. An officer told her that no complaint had been filed, and with nothing to investigate, told her to keep the cash.

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