Songstress Rebecca Black is back with her follow up to "Friday"

There's a person of interest from a crime scene on the dance floor -- it's not a new "Law and Order" episode, it's lyrics from Rebecca Black's latest song, which video premiered Tuesday.
The 14-year-old, who rose to fame after her fun, fun, fun "Friday" music video scored millions of YouTube hits, is moving on to a more pressing subject matter, falling in "like" with a teen heartthrob on the dance floor.
The music video for Person of Interest made its debut on YouTube Tuesday, and has only garnered around 117,000 views.
While Friday was bashed for its rudimentary nature, repetitive lyrics and stating the obvious, like, "Saturday comes after Friday and Sunday comes afterwards," it's value as the novelty song that people loved to hate catapulted the tune to fame.
"Person of Interest" fits the current teen-pop landscape far more comfortably, so comfortable, it may be down right forgettable.

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