REPORT: Denver Post looking for marijuana editor

DENVER - We all know getting high on the job is a no-no, but apparently, getting high in the privacy of your home is a job requirement for whoever lands the latest position at the Denver Post: Marijuana editor. 

Colorado recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana for adults, so not surprisingly,  the change has created a slew of legitimate opportunities, like smoking different kinds of weed   and getting paid to write about it, The Huffington Post reports.

The first recreational marijuana shops in Colorado will open in January.

According to the job description, the Denver Post is looking for an editor to oversee the development of a recreational marijuana website.

The job description was posted on Twitter by Steven McMillan, a Denver Post editor. The internet went abuzz with jokes, along with people expressing interest in the position.  However, you  likely won't see the position on job boards because the job isn't open to outside applicants, only those already employed by the Denver Post, Yahoo News reports.  

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