President Barack Obama sings Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' in mashup video

A new video posted on YouTube could signal a new career for President Obama should he lose the presidential election in November -- that as a pop star.

The creator of the mash-up, baracksdubs , took video clips from to make Mr. Obama sing Lady Gaga's hit Born This Way.

The video starts off with the President speaking at a Human Rights Campaign conference where he mentions he had talks the previous week with HRC "leader" Lady Gaga.

Then the song begins. Individual words are used from the speeches to create the song's words.

The mashed together clips show President Obama speaking at the White House and in Europe, in front of troops, before the Congressional Black Caucus, at the National Women's Law Center and more.

Last week, baracksdubs posted Mr. Obama "singing" Rihanna's Drink to That.

Overall, it's a pretty good effort. If this were a real song, the President would do well on karaoke night at a pub. Maybe next time he could attempt Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.


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