Poll finds 30 percent of meat eaters won't date vegetarians

If you're a vegetarian looking for love, don't be surprised in a meat-eater gives you the cold shoulder.

While 96 percent of vegetarians say they'd be open to dating a carnivore, only 70 percent of meat eaters said they could date an omnivore, according to a joint poll from Match.com and the Today Show.

The reason why this is a deal breaker for some comes down to biology, biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher told MSNBC.

She says that sharing food is an integral part of courtship. Writer J. Federer says eating is a social activity that couples bond over, and sharing food is a part of romance.

Some eaters also fear that they will be judged on their dietary choices and want to be able to eat without disapproving glares.

Read MSNBC's story on the study here: http://bit.ly/N2TyA1

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