Pilot Ryan Johnson tells girlfriend plane is malfunctioning, emergency sheet is marriage proposal

A Chicago pilot came up with a novel, if not terrifying way to propose marriage.  He tricked his girlfriend into thinking the plane they were in was about to crash before popping the question.  

Ryan Thompson and his girlfriend, Carlie, were flying over the Windy City when he suddenly told her the aircraft's controls were malfunctioning.  He hands her an emergency procedure list and told her read it to him.

"The checklist is complete and it says the rings may be engaged and to initiate the ring engagement procedure.  Will you marry me?"  the instructions read.

It took a few moments for Carlie to realize she wasn't going to die after all.  She took it like a true sport and said yes.

Thompson called it an "In descent proposal."

One YouTube viewer wrote: "So there was no emergency??  ...there would have been one if you said no!"

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