Orthopedic specialists give alligator prosthetic tail

PHOENIX - Formerly tail-less alligator Mr. Stubbs got to try out his new prosthetic tail over the weekend, thanks to the efforts of a few good people, USA Today reports.

Marc Jacofsky is the VP of Research and Development at CORE Institute in Phoenix, a facility that specializes in orthopedic care for humans.

When Jacofsky visited the Phoenix Herpetogical Society years ago, he was asked if it was possible to make a tail for a gator .

Mr. Stubbs lost his tail 8 years ago when it was bitten off.

The 7-foot long 11-year-old crocodile now wears a 3-foot long, rubber prosthetic tail attached with nylon straps.

Mr. Stubbs learned to swim by doggie paddling and is using an orange floatie as an aide until he gets use to his new tail.

A spokesperson at the Phoenix Herpetological Society says the gator is the first they know of to tolerate prosthesis.

Wildlife officials say it could take six months before he gets used to his new tail.

Learn more here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/03/10/alligator-prosthetic-tail/1977413/

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