Oreo's Gay pride cookie picture draws support, boycotts online

The popular Oreo brand has become the center of an online controversy after the company decided to post an image of the Oreo cookie stuffed with rainbow colored stacks of cream in support of gay pride, ABC News reports.

The photo was posted on Oreo's Facebook page with the message, "Proudly support love," but the post has gotten the company a fair amount of hate.

While plenty of support has been expressed with some 162,000 Facebook likes, others have sworn off purchasing the Oreo brand all together.

One person commented, "Being gay is an abomination in God's eyes and I won't be buying them anymore. "

The cookie does not actually exist, the image was edited to appear that way.

However, a petition ( http://chn.ge/LxSto0) has been created in favor of making the gay pride cookie a reality.

Read entire story: http://abcn.ws/LpDeHu

How do you feel about the photo?

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