Nicole Westbrook goes viral with "It's Thanksgiving," is she the new Rebecca Black?

A new YouTube viral music video is already on track to be the successor to the unofficial "Worst Song Ever" throne, currently held by Friday singer Rebecca Black, and it's just in time for Thanksgiving.

(watch the vide below; for mobile users, click here: )

It's fair to say that 13-year-old Nicole Westbrook's holiday tune follows the "viral hit" formula for a song that listeners could grow to hate, or love to hate off the bat:

  • Like Black, use an obvious title, just replace "It's Friday" with "It's Thanksgiving!" Check.
  • If the message isn't clear enough, rip off a turkey leg and use it as a microphone, so everyone can rest assured, the song is about Thanksgiving. Check.
  • Give plenty of context clues about the holiday, like crooning Turkey" and "mashed potatoes" in the song's chorus a couple times for good measure. Check.

Toward the end of the song, a rapper dressed in a turkey costume comes to Thanksgiving dinner and lays down a few lines.

If he looks familiar, it's probably because you've seem him around the viral video block.

Patrice Wilson, a producer with PMW live, was also featured in Black's Friday video.

His independent company works with artists and promises to "get their music out into the world".

Well it looks like Wilson can deliver that promise. Rebecca Black's video has over 42 million hits, and Westbrook's song, posted on Nov 7, has already reached over 5 million hits on YouTube.

The feedback from viewers also parallels Black in criticism.

Many online commenters are bashing Westbrook's song, but the 12-year-old says she isn't letting it get to her.

"Patrice had told me it was so hard for her [Black] because she gave into all the negative feedback," Westbrook said in an ABC News report. .

"I'm just not like that. I'm staying as far away from that as I can. I'm at a good age and know what I should and shouldn't read. They're entitled to their own opinions. "

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