New York Corrections Officer accused of sleeping with inmate, may be pregnant with his child

Inmate convicted for killing two NYPD detectives

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A 29-year-old New York corrections officer faces up to 15 years in prison for having a sexual affair with an inmate convicted of killing two NYPD detectives, ABC News reports.

At least three other inmates knew about Nancy Gonzalez' relationship with the murderer, Ronell Wilson.

Gonzalez , a  corrections officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, is eight months pregnant, and officials say the child may possibly be the result of the relationship.

The investigation uncovered that Gonzalez had another sexual relationship with second inmate.

The inmate told his mother that Gonzalez was carrying another inmate's child during a recorded phone call.

Gonzalez was also quoted as telling an inmate that she could "get 15 years for this."

She confided in the inmate that she got involved with a convict that was high profile and it was a mistake.

"I can't explain it.  I know what's to come.  I know what is going to be said about me.  I know that for me as a parent, how am I going to explain this to this little boy?  Mommy was in the military.  Mommy was a C.O. Mommy got wrapped up in …  So how do you explain that," according to court documents.

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