includes Tampa's Peter Pan and Tink, Randy and Dorothy in album of unusual weddings

Tampa couple featured in online wedding album

TAMPA - Once upon a time in a world of very unusual people, a couple confessed their love for one another in front of family and friends at a popular Tampa festival.  Now, Peter Pan and Tink find themselves on a highly popular website.

Weddings can take months, maybe even years to plan. Couples have to take every detail into consideration when planning a wedding, making sure everything is perfect. Some couples take this planning to different level - sometimes over the top.

Themed weddings may not be anything new but they are now more common. With this growing trend, couples use their nuptials to showcase their interests, passions or sense of humor.

A gallery featured on showcases 15 weddings that take a unique twist to "I do." From colorful costumes to clowning around, these weddings make for some pretty interesting wedding albums.

One couple in this online gallery may look familiar: Randy and Dorothy, a.k.a. Peter Pan and Tink. They were married in 2009 at the annual Tampa Bay Renaissance Festival. This particular fantasy wedding not seem too strange to locals. During the Renaissance Festival, held every spring, many couples are married, engaged or renew their vows.

To see more of the fairy wedding, visit Peter Pan's website at h ttp:// peterpan .

If you're looking to jump start your own ideas, all 15 unusual weddings can be found at .

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