Man mistakes super glue for eye drops

OWINGS MILLS, Md. - We've all made mistakes with super glue. We've glued our fingers together and other things we never intended to stick together, but one Baltimore County man's made a horrible sticky mistake.

He had cataract surgery back on September 14, so the doctor prescribed him about three or four eye drops.

For 69-year-old Kaushik Pandya during the next few weeks he would need to use his eye drops several times a day.

Kaushik's son Shray says "usually he is using these drops, sometimes they are in the bedroom, sometimes on the dinner table."

After coming home from a late night function, Kaushik needed to put his eye drops in before heading to bed, but he made a terrible mistake.

"My nephew must have put the super glue up close on the dining table," says Kaushik.

The 11-year-old was working on a school project using the 'Original Super Glue' that he inadvertently left on the table. With impaired vision from the cataract surgery, Kaushik never noticed the difference until it was too late.

"It was late 1:00 he thought you know 'this is my eye drop', picked it up, went upstairs and put the eye drops in his eyes," says Shray. But it wasn't his eye drops he put in, it was the super glue.

Kaushik says it felt like "just like I lost my eye."

Panicked, family members rushed Kaushik to the emergency room, where doctors removed his eyelashes and any excess glue.

"It was very irritated, they said that his cornea was a little scratched, but it would heal in a few days," says Shray.

The Pandya family is hoping that the company that makes the 'Original Super Glue' can do something to change the look or shape of the bottle.

Shray says, "my Dad said maybe the company should think about instead of putting a dropper maybe a brush that you can apply glue."

In a statement from the Original Super Glue President, Ron Gravette says "It's an unfortunate situation, we feel sorry for the man and we wouldn't expect there will be any long term harm."

The family is very thankful and says it could have been much worse.

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