Man becomes quadrillionaire, than loses it all in PayPal account mishap

MEDIA, Penn. - Is it better to have been a quadrillionaire for a short time than to never have been a quadrillionaire at all? You'd have to ask the guy who was once the wealthiest man in the world—thanks to a rather costly mistake, according to ABC News.

When Chris Reynolds of Media, Penn. opened up his PayPal statement in July, he was shocked to see $92 quadrillion had been removed from his account.

It turns out PayPal had accidently credited his account with $92, 233, 720, 368, 547, 800.00.

The company immediately noticed and removed the money, which is why Reynolds read negative $92 million on his statement.

Reynolds says he decided to have fun with his new former quadrillionaire status and he posted a copy of the statement on Facebook.

PayPal decided to acknowledge the mistake by offering to make a modest donation to the charity of Reynold's choice on his behalf.


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