Looking for a job? A service for you: college buddies create app to clean-up social media


Take a look in the mirror. Is the person standing in front of you the same as the one who lives online? With 86 percent of potential employers checking out your social media profile, now more than ever, you'll want to be sure they match.
The checklist of places to look for potentially offensive posts, pages, and pictures is long. But three college buddies came up with a new app that makes virtual cleaning simple.
Here's a question you could be asked on a job interview --"What's your user name?"
Employers are getting the scoop on potential candidates by looking at their social media accounts. Experts recommend reviewing your online activity before sending out that resume, but checking years worth of Facebook and Twitter content can take a while.
Click here to find out about some tools that can help you:  http://wfts.tv/11HjU1Q
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