Lawmaker takes jab at Obamacare site, hands Kathleen Sebelius 'Website For Dummies' book

Ever since the healthcare marketplace website launched in October, many users have made complaints, and critics say the Affordable Healthcare Act site has been a disaster.  

But one Tennessee lawmaker wanted to make sure  that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius got the message, so he handed her a "Website for "Dummies" book to take a jab at the site's problem-riddled launch, the New York Post reports.

Sebelius was visiting a Memphis library in Kelsey's district Friday to discuss the healthcare legislation and GOP GOP state Sen. Brian attended the event in protest of her visit and Obamacare.

He handed the book over to Sebelius , and a photo taken captured the awkward exchange.

To see the photo and read the entre report, click here:

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