Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake #Hashtag video pokes fun at the social media phenomenon

If you are on Twitter or Instagram, or even Facebook these days, you're familiar with the concept of the hashtag.
For those who shun social networks, hashtags are a word or phrase tacked on to the end of a posting with the "#" symbol. They can be used as a way of grouping messages, since you can search for the hashtag and see all of the messages that contain it, such as #WPTV (shameless plug).
Have you ever thought about what they would sound like if we actually spoke them out loud?
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake teamed up to demonstrate just how rediculous they sound.
They recreated a normal conversation, but added in hashtags.
With this video in mind maybe, just maybe, we'll keep our tags to ourselves a bit more often.

Mobile users click here for the video: (http://bit.ly/1dJt9Wd)

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