Hazal Hammersley, 2-year-old cancer patient, flooded with pizza after request goes viral

LOS ANGELES - The web is abuzz about a  2-year-old cancer patient nick named "Hazelnut". Her actual name is Hazel Hamersly and since she was stuck at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles with a form of cancer, Hazel's mom tried to pass the time by putting up a sign that said "send pizza" in the window of Hazel's room.  

Someone saw the request for pizza and posted a picture to Reddit. What happened next is pretty great.

"She woke up from a nap to the tons of pizza in her room. She thought it was great. She ended up having three slices and having a party with her friends," her mom said.

Hazel got 20 pizzas - enough to share not just with other kids but some of the doctors.

The hospital received so much pizza, they had to post a request to their website asking the donations to stop.

Hazel's mom says she's thankful for the support but there's something more important on her mind.  

"Quite honestly, awareness for childhood cancer...I just really hope this story can spread the word," Hazel's mother said.

To read more about her story, click here: http://wfts.tv/1aL5V3I

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