Fly by the pound: The argument for weight-based ticketing

Why you may have to declare your weight to fly

As if flying didn't already cost an arm and a leg -- one economics professor is now suggesting that airlines charge by the pound!

In the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, professor Bharat Bhatta says that reducing the weight on a plane by just two pounds could result in the savings of $3,000 a year on fuel costs.  He believes passengers should declare their weight when they buy a ticket, and pay accordingly.
Bhatta insists that weight discrimination has nothing to do with it.
"Some would think that this is discriminatory but because I am straight-up economics, for me it's not discriminatory at all," he says.
Bhatta is not alone in this line of thinking -- Samoa Air already charges passengers by the pound, and some airlines make overweight passengers book two seats.
Some parents are in favor of the idea, because their kids could fly cheaper, but others say men will likely lose in this situation -- because they tend to weigh more than women.
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