Family dog, woman saves Oregon boy from drowning

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. - A very alert dog and a quick thinking woman are to thank for saving a little Oregon boy's life.

Kerri Cooper says her dog, Lucy, started barking loudly and that made her look outside the window of her Washington County, Oregon home Friday afternoon.

That's when she noticed the two-and-a-half-year-old boy walking alone, dangerously close to a pond.

When her yelling didn't stop him--she rushed out to help, but by then--the boy was already in the water and beginning to drown.

"Just his hands and head were out. He was screaming. He was all the way in there. I just jumped in and grabbed him," Cooper said.

Cooper tried yelling for the boy's family and more than 20 minutes later--the boy's grandmother finally came outside.

Police say that woman, Rochelle Huegli, was drinking alcohol and fell asleep while she was supposed to watch the boy.

She's charged with criminal mistreatment and child neglect.

We're told the little boy is back with his parents now.

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