Facebook photos to be used in case to prove father can pay child support

WISCONSIN - A Facebook page with flashy photos of a Wisconsin man who appears to be living in the lap of luxury is being used as evidence in felony child support case, according to a WISN report.

In one of those photos Willie Moore is holding up a huge stack of cash, money that child's mother, Krista Bethe, believes could have gone toward the thousands of dollars he owes in child support. He also has a caption that reads, "Betcha baby daddy ain't jackin like this".

But if you ask Moore, he says the photos don't mean anything.

"That could be my uncle's money, that could be my auntie's money, I'm just taking a picture with it" he told WISN

There's also a photo of him at what appears to be the Buckingham Palace, but he says that's an illusion made possible by a smartphone app that places your photo in any background one chooses.

Moore's defense team is expected to argue that he can't afford to pay child support for his 6-year-old daughter due to being a poor African-American man.  A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Read the entire story here: http://bit.ly/UBflTo

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