Evacuated Colorado family finds note from Montana firefighters on porch after Waldo Canyon fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A family evacuated during the Waldo Canyon Fire was surprised to find a note on their front porch when they came home.

Ken Barker said under a decoration on the porch, the family spotted a note on a small piece of white notebook paper.
The note read, "6/29 removed one dead chicken from your coop. gave them h20 and food. Montana firefighters"

Barker said the firefighters did more than give his chickens food and water; they also saved his home. There are burned bushes just inches from his home.

"It's above and beyond; it really is," said Barker. "I can't say enough about what all the firefighters did."

Many of Barker's neighbors in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood lost their homes.

"I sincerely hope that most of them will rebuild and get the neighborhood back to the beautiful place that it has always been for us to live," said Barker.

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