English boy burned after BlackBerry Curve phone bursts into flames, family wants phone recalled

ENGLAND - An English family is pushing for the recall of a popular smartphone after one caught fire, burning an 11-year-old's legs, according to a UPI report.

Pete and Sarah McCreath of Coventry, England said when they gave their son, Kian, a BlackBerry Curve 9320, it worked fine for one week.

On Dec. 2, the device was placed on its charger Sunday night because it was used as an alarm. However, once the family fell asleep, Sarah recalls hearing a loud pop, which turned out to be the phone combusting. Soon after, Kian screamed that his legs were on fire.

She put out the fire with a comforter.

Officials are investigating what made the phone explode. The family is asking that the modul is pulled from the shelves in time for Christmas, because they're concerned that thousands of kids could end up receiving the phone as gifts.

Read the complete story here: http://bit.ly/Yx6eJE

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