Dr. Gregg Homer claims new surgery can make brown eyes blue

One man claims he can make brown eyes blue, and it's not a magic trick, it's a surgical procedure, Shine Yahoo reports.

After 10 years of research, Laguna Beach doctor Gregg Homer said he's discovered that brown pigment can be removed from the surface of the eye's iris with a laser, revealing a rarer blue pigment underneath.

However, New York surgeon Dr. Conswalla Shavers, says the procedure is not only medically dangerous, but there's no way to guarantee that it will result in a set of baby blue peepers.

"What's to ensure there's definitely blue pigment underneath? You could remove brown pigmentation and there's just more brown pigmentation underneath," she said.

The procedure would cost around $5000, and the doctor says he's gotten thousands of emails with people expressing interest in the procedure.

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