Dentists warn squeezable fruit puree snacks may be healthier, but can destroy kids' teeth

Squeezable fruit packs have become a favorite snack among parents and kids alike, because its quick, tasty and presumably healthier compared to most foods marketed to children.

But dentists are warning parents that the sweet treat may have bitter affects on both children and adult's teeth, like rotting, the  New York Daily reports.

Squeezable purees like Gerber Graduates Grabbers tote the nutritional content of their fruit and veggie purees, as well as the fact that their products are organic and no sugar is added.

While that may be true, dentists say the problem is the concentrated fruit sugars that are getting exposed to children's teeth.

When you slurp down a puree, it doesn't come with the fiber from the whole fruit, so your only getting distilled sugars.

"There's nothing in the puree that makes this more deadly to the tooth than the natural food; it's how we consume it," says Oral Heath and Research and Policy Center Director at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Paul Casamassimo.

"With whole fruit, you eat it; with the pouches you may keep eating it over a span of hours. It's the amount of time your teeth are exposed to sugar."

Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD from the New York University College of Dentistry says unless you're aggressive about rinsing and brushing after consuming these products the sugar can linger on the teeth and contribute to tooth decay.


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