December 21, 2012 - The End of the Mayan Calendar: Go out making others happy

According to some, the end of the world is but a few days away.

No matter what finally does us in, be it aliens, a comet strike, a realignment of the poles, solar flares, or maybe global warming, there is good and bad that can come from this event.

I am a positive person overall, so lets look at the good.

First, we will never have to pay taxes or listen to the debate about taxes ever again., Second, we will no longer have to hear the stories about what Lindsay Lohan has done to violate her probation this time.  We will never be disappointed in our sports teams ever again.  The same goes for work.  We will never get in trouble for forgetting a birthday or anniversary.  And, we won't have to set any New Year's resolutions!

While there are many things out there we would enjoy not having to do any longer, there is really only one negative I could think of.  At the end of the world we would all be dead.

That is about as negative as it gets.

So with the time we have left, why not go and do something you have always wanted to do?  Perhaps do something nice for a friend or family member.  Buy some flowers for your wife, take the family for a nice dinner out, or come up with something else!

Because if by some chance the world does not end on the 21st day of December, you will have had fun doing something new and maybe scored some brownie points in the process!

For me, the timing is perfect.  My wife's birthday is on the 20th.  Just enough time for presents, a night out and hopefully a good time before everything comes crashing down.

And if the world keeps spinning after Friday, I will get the chance to do it again next year!

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