Couple gets 'Well Behaved Kids' discount at restaurant

How many times have you tried enjoying your meal at a restaurant and a child is running around or screaming? Well, this was not the case with one-year-old Evie Welsh, daughter of Daley and Alicia Welsh, this past Sunday. 

As the family enjoyed a Mother's Day brunch at Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary, Canada they were surprised when they received a receipt that included a "Well Behaved Kids" discount. The discount offered $5 off the Welsh's $54 meal ($49.50 USD).

Reddit user "looseONtheGoose" posted an image of the receipt online, noting, "Out for Mother’s Day brunch today with our one-year-old daughter, when we received our bill."

His post quickly created discussions on topics that varied from potential dining taxes on dine-in meals around the world to the behavior of children in restraunts.  

“I feel it was just a really nice gesture,” Daley explained to Yahoo Shine, “and it really made my wife’s Mother’s Day special, affirming her hard work as a parent for the last year.”

Toshi Carino, owner of Carino, told Yahoo Shine in an email, "We welcome the kids and wanted to show some appreciation for kids (of course for parents!) with dining manners." 

Although what Carino did seems like a generous gesture it brings up the question on whether or not restraunts should tax for the behavior of children and if so who would determine whether the child's behvior is discountable or punishable. 

Yahoo Shine:

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