Corrected 'inverted Jenny' stamps sheet discovered at New York post office

100 sheets released with plane right-side up

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - A collector credits a hunch with helping him land a rare sheet of newly issued stamps featuring a corrected version of the famous 1918 "inverted Jenny" stamp.

Art Van Riper bought the stamps in Waverly, N.Y., after reading that the United States Postal Service had printed a new batch of inverted Jenny stamps celebrating the 95-year-old edition that, by mistake, featured an upside-down biplane.

He also read that as a way to draw more people into stamp collecting, the postal service randomly distributed 100 sheets featuring the plane right-side up.

Van Riper says he had a feeling he'd find one at the Waverly post office, near his Sayre, Pa., home. His is the fourth sheet to turn up. Van Riper says one of the other sheets is selling online for $25,000.

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