Convicted pedophile Eric Harris suing Florida jail for using soy instead of meat in his food

CLERMONT, Fla. - A convicted pedophile is claiming he has been inflicted with 'cruel and unusual punishment' after being fed soy instead of meat, reports The Daily Mail.


Eric Harris, 34, is serving a life sentence at Lake Correctional Institution in Clermont, Fla., after he was convicted of sexually battering a child.

According the The Daily Mail , Harris, who also goes by the name David Northrup, says the prison is forcing him to eat a vegan diet -- and now he's suing.

His meal choices of 'southern BBQ,' 'meat loaf' and 'meaty macaroni' contain large quantities of soy, which he claims is making him sick.

Eating so much soy, Harris says, causes gastrointestinal cramping and threaten his immune system and thyroid.

The lawsuit asks a judge to force Florida prisons to stop serving soy, the Daily Mail reports. The report also states Harris is asking for money as part of a settlement.

According to the Daily Mail , replacing all the soy with meat could double the prison system's $47 million annual food budget.

Do you think Harris should be forced to continue eating products containing soy, or do his complaints have merit?

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