Cliché Valentine's gifts won't cut it for women, Zoosk dating and romance survey finds

If you plan to take the old flowers and candy route to land yourself in lover's lane with a special lady this Valentine's Day, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Zoosk, the romantic social network, surveyed over 1,200 singles about Valentine's Day dating and romance, and 58 percent of women found flowers and candy cliché and thoughtless.

But spending lots of money isn't always needed to make your sweetheart smile.

Sixty-five percent of women who took the survey said they go gaga for sappy Valentine's Day cards.  

However, women shouldn't assume the feeling is mutual.

Fifty-nine percent of men say "no thanks" to mushy cards.

If two people are planning their first date, 72 percent of men and 58 percent of women say Valentine's Day is perfect for that initial encounter.

But most singles, 62 percent, say any other day is better, because it's unexpected and it romance should be a year-round thing.

When it comes to the benefits of being single on the day of love, 49 percent say there's no pressure to plan, there's no pressure due to it being Valentine's Day and 16 percent say its cheaper!

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