Boy's spot-on Snuggie version of Beyonce's Countdown music video goes viral

They're a lot of YouTube users who try their hand at recreating popular music videos, but one kid's version of Beyonce's Countdown music video may have elevated the craft.

What he can't do with costumes, make-up, and a big music video budget, this boy makes up for with sophisticated editing skills and ingenuity---and all while dancing, leaping and prancing in a Snuggie.

YouTube user kkpalmer1000's video is a shot-by-shot recreation of Beyonce's video, and for your viewing pleasure, his version shares a split screen with the original video, so you can compare the two at the same time.

Kkpalmer1000 doesn't miss a beat, from complicated transitions and special effects to Beyonce's intricate moves---down to her smiles and blinks.

Watch the video below or here:

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