Barbie being criticized as bad influence after new tokidoki model with permanent body tattoos

Barbie is under fire, and it's not because of her rocky relationship with Ken.

One of the newest iterations of the famed doll comes complete with permanent body tattoos.

This is different from the "Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie" that came with removable stickers in 2009. is reporting that the new "tokidoki Barbie" — designed by Simone Legno, Italian creator of a Japanese-influenced lifestyle brand called tokidoki — has permanent tattoos on her left arm and across her chest.

Barbie creator Mattel says tokidoki Barbie is a "funky fashionista," with a skull-heart sweater to go with her "trendy tattoos," according to a report from

In a report from the Daily Mail , one commenter on a website for parents of Tween-age girls, wrote: "Encouraging children that tattoos are cool is wrong, wrong, wrong. Mattel why not put a cigarette and a beer bottle in her hand while you're at it!"

Tokidoki Barbie is currently being sold on Mattel's Barbie Collector web site for $50.

Despite being more of a collectors item than a toy, do you think this new look will taint her wholesome image and be a bad influence, or is it harmless fun?

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