Average moms complete 26 tasks every morning, most moms say they're forgetful, survey finds

The average mother is anything but average, considering she has 12 major jobs to manage during the day, and 26 tasks she has to do every morning, a survey from Jul-Eye found.

Most mommy to-do lists include basic tasks like making breakfast and dressing children, but moms can't overlook the less obvious duties like making sure kids use the bathroom before trips and mending uniforms, the Daily Mail reports.

The list also includes remembering appointments, getting kids to school on time, monitoring homework, doing hair and signing permission slips.

In all, most moms dedicate six hours and 45 minutes to taking care of their families.

There were 2,000 mothers surveyed, and 80 percent say it's hard to remember everything. It's even harder for the more than 70 percent of women who say they get no help from their partner. Eighty percent of the mothers admitted to forgetting to pick up their children from school.

Sixty percent of the women say they've argued with their spouses over feeling burdened with remembering everything for everyone in the family.

For the complete list of tasks and the entire Daily Mail report, click here: http://wfts.tv/14l0Id1

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