Amazon, Ebay, Google, Walmart experiment with same-day shipping for online purchases


The convenience of online shopping is often counteracted by the inconvenience of shipping.  Once you buy, you've got to wait for your items to show up.  That's why more and more retailers are offering same day shipping.
Here are few online retailers offering the service: 
1) As an Amazon Prime member, rush same day service may only cost you $4. Right now, Amazon is only offering its express delivery in certain cities.  You need to live near one of Amazon's warehouses.  There's a cutoff time for your orders, and items may arrive as late as 8:00 p.m. that day.  
2) Ebay is offering delivery times as short as one hour.  The Ebay Now app is being tested in San Francisco.  It encourages you to buy printer ink, toilet paper, an umbrella via the app and a local courier will deliver to your home or office.
3) Google Shopping Express could be huge. Right now it's also just in San Francisco, but testers can get unlimited same day delivery from stores like Walgreens and Target.
4) Walmart recently began offering same day shipping on groceries and a few other items.  
With more deliveries, you'll need more drivers.  Startup, Deliv, is hoping to crowd source the driving; you can apply to deliver packages in your free time for extra money.
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