Veteran in a wheelchair loses his dog and needs help finding her

A U.S. Army Veteran says he needs help finding his friend and support system. 
Luke Macner’s dog ran off after an accident on U.S. 41. With her went his hope for future companionship.
"The dog was very important to me,” Macner said.
It seemed like a perfect match, he said. He could not find a dog that could tolerate his wheelchair. He walked into the Humane Society on Thursday and met Nina.
After seven years in the Army, health issues took his right leg. Macner needed companionship. 
"She is extremely good with wheelchair people. That is what sold me on this dog," Macner said.
The adoption coordinator who helped Macner at the Humane Society remembered him. "He had not had a dog in a very, very, very long time and it was an instant connection,” Sonja Hudson said.
Six hours after finding Nina, Macner could not reach the brake fast enough while driving on US 41. He rear ended a car stopped at the 22nd Street light.
Nina jumped from the passenger seat and ran. Macner ended up in the hospital with broken bones, bruises and a broken heart without Nina. 
From his wheelchair next to his hospital bed his only words were, "Stressful. Very stressful. Very stressful."
If you have information, call Kate Trujillo at 609-575-7709 or Macner at 813-638-2538.
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