Updated park master plan in Clearwater will cost $54 million and might lead to increased taxes

The Clearwater Parks and Recreation Department has revealed a new master plan to the city council that includes $54 million in improvements.
Thirty-four projects made the list. Clearwater Mayor George Cretekos said the projects will be stretched out over many years. He added it's a money-juggling act because Clearwater expects a $1.7 million deficit in the next fiscal year.
When asked about raising taxes the mayor said the city may have to cut services or raise millage rates to accomplish part of the plan.
Some of the money would come from the penny sales tax initiative passed in 1990 and extended by voters in 2010.
The single most expensive project on the list would update Bright House Networks Field at a price tag of $10 million. Cretekos said the field brings in $100 million in revenue for Clearwater each year because of the baseball there. It is the home of the Philadelphia Phillies spring training games.
"We are going to have to look at making some upgrades and improvements just to replace what we have at Bright House Field because it is now in its eleventh season," the mayor said.
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