UCF Police unveil video of raid and more evidence in deadly plot

ORLANDO, Fla. - University of Central Florida Police revealed two key new pieces of information in the investigation into James Seevakumaran, a 30-year-old student who committed suicide before, they say, he was to carry out a bloody attack.

At a press conference Tuesday, police showed rarely-seen video of officers searching the suspect's dorm room. They also revealed chilling contents found in a package Seevakumaran ordered but never picked up.  Some of those contents, they said, confirmed a plan of a deadly attack on campus.

Early Monday, shortly after the student took his own life, officers cleared the dorm and searched for potential threats to students. Next to Seevakumaran's body they found an assault rifle, handgun and an arsenal of weapons, including almost 1,000 rounds of ammunition. But that's not all he had. Tuesday, police opened packages found in his mailbox.

"What was in the mail waiting for the deceased were two .22 round magazines designed for the GSE weapon that he had," said Chief Richard Beary.

Chief Richard Beary also showed a picture of a sling and then held up what he called more proof.

"There was also a training DVD on proper shooting," said Chief Beary.

Police said he created a checklist, and followed through on most every detail.

Seevakumaran's roommate, Arabo Babakhani, also offered chilling details to a college reporter with the UCF Knightly News.

"As he was raising the gun, I  slammed the door on him before he could pop anything off," said Babakhani. "I just saw what was going on, and I was like 'I'm not going out like that.'"

Police still have no idea why  Seevakumaran did not pull off his plan. But they are convinced he acted alone.

Seevakumaran's mother lives in Sarasota and released a statement through deputies.

"James was a loner, and did not have a history of violence.  We are requesting privacy during this difficult time."

Babakhani said Seevakumaran had no friends in the dorm, even recalling him making a full Thanksgiving Day meal and not inviting anyone to partake.

"The only time he actually made solid eye contact with me was when he was pointing a gun at me," said Babakhani.

Police increased police presence on campus. Counselors are also available. Seevakumaran had some financial difficulties and school officials said they had planned to evict him.

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