Two men rescue woman from sinking car

Police believe woman was attempting suicide

TAMPA - Two men are credited with helping rescue a woman from her sinking car, after police said she drove the vehicle through the University of Tampa's Plant Park and into the Hillsborough River.

Tampa police believe the incident was a suicide attempt.

Charlton Foster, a mailroom employee at the university, said he saw the woman drive the car into the river Wednesday morning. As he ran up and called 911, a man on a jet ski, Sam Adams, also rushed over to help.

"I just realized that there was somebody in the car, and they looked like they needed help, and I couldn't not go back and help them," Adams said.

After pulling her on land, she soon jumped back in, according to Adams. By then, campus officials assisted Adams and Foster in pulling her out of the water a second time.

The woman was placed into custody under the Baker Act. She appeared to be conscious and talking while being wheeled into an ambulance.

Campus officials said the situation could have been much worse. The area of the park the woman drove through can be a popular gathering place during the school year, when the campus is more crowded.

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