Veterans Expressway toll plazas to go cash-less

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - By the end of June, most of the Veterans Expressway toll plazas will be converted into cash-less plazas.

Already, turnpike statistics show that, depending on the time of day, between 79 and 84 percent of drivers use the cash-less lane.

Turnpike officials add the conversion will help move traffic along faster.

Driver Gabby Cuevas says, "I think it's way better, because I don't like to stop in the expressways."

She used to drive the Veterans Expressway every day to get to work. She does not have a SunPass and uses the toll-by-plate option.

"They take a picture of my plate, and then they mail me, and I pay it by mail," she said.

Veronica Nunez welcomes the additional lanes that will open when the cash booths are converted.

"It will make things go faster so people aren't stopping and traffic gets built up, especially around the holidays," she said.

She has a SunPass.

The conversion to cash-less starts at 9 p.m. Friday for the Anderson Mainline Plaza as well as the Waters and Hillsborough Avenue ramp plazas.

The cash booths are expected to be completely removed by Saturday night.

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