Tampa Police opens fire on suspect, officer gets injured in fall

Tampa officer sustains injuries in altercation

TAMPA BAY - A Tampa Police officer was hospitalized overnight following an altercation with a suspect that resulted in an officer opening fire, but missing the man.

According to Tampa Police spokesperson Lt. William Ferguson, the officers responded to 6415 S. Roberts Ave. around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday after the suspect called 911 and said he needed to go to a rehabilitation facility right away or something bad would happen.

When the officers knocked on the door, the suspect allegedly swung the door open and pointed what officers believed was a rifle at them.

Officer John Behanna, a 22-year TPD veteran, opened fire, but didn't hit the man.

As the officers retreated from the door, one of the officers fell down a flight of stairs and sustained multiple broken bones.

Officer Gerald Jean was taken to Tampa General Hospital for treatment overnight for a dislocated ankle, a broken left foot and a sprained right ankle.

"The male subject then shut his front door and barricaded himself in his second story apartment," Ferguson said. The suspect was ordered out of the home and taken into custody with no weapon. "Upon arrest, a knife was found in his pocket," Ferguson said.  "He had not been struck by the gunfire and he was not injured."

The suspect is being charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

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