Tampa man loses weight, edges closer to goal of possibly living on Mars

Hampton Black wants to join Mars One mission

TAMPA, Fla. - Hampton Black received some good news Thursday. He is yet another step closer to a possible mission to Mars in the year 2025. If he gets to go, he does not plan on coming back.

Two months ago, the Mars One organization, a privately funded effort to land humans on the planet Mars 11 years from now, notified Hampton Black that he was one of just more than 1,000 who made the initial cut for the first mission. The trip is one-way. Astronauts with the mission would not have the option to return to Earth and would instead endeavor to build a settlement on the red planet.

You can view the first story ABC Action News did with Mr. Black by clicking here .

Thursday, a doctor cleared Hampton Black for meeting medical guidelines set out by Mars One. To hit the weight benchmark, Black tells ABC Action News that he lost nearly 40 pounds in about two months.

The next part of the process will involve an interview with Mars One personnel somewhere in the United States, Black said.

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