Taking Action for Your Money: The best deals to look for at the end of the year

TAMPA, Fla - It's a holiday tradition for mother and daughter Gail and Jennifer Fowler.

"All the clearance, yep!" said Gail.

Like many, they take advantage of deep discounts on Christmas decorations. But don't limit yourself to wrapping paper and bows, think big!

Financial experts said right now is the best time to get a deal on a new car.

The lowest prices are for last year's models, but you have the upper hand in negotiations, since dealers need to clear their lots to make way for the 2014s.

And furniture dealers are feeling that same pressure. New designs come out in February, so they're slashing prices to empty their showrooms. Remember, you don't have to pay sticker price. Always ask your salesperson to see if you can get a deeper discount.

Winter clothes are also a steal.

You can always head to the independent boutiques too, like Creme de la Creme in Tampa to find unique items, now those gifts are as little as $5.

"Stock it up for next year and next year comes and your stress is alleviated. We are all rushing in December, why not do your Christmas shopping now! You get a good value and you get it done," said owner of Creme de la Creme Sharon Carneal.

That's what the Fowlers do.

"I think so for the bargains you get especially for things that don't spoil," said Gail.

They also look for things they can use now, like food. They may be in a holiday box, but, it's the same fudge brownie. That goes for candy, too most don't expire for months! For Jennifer it's a no brainer to stock up. "There's all sorts of stuff you can use throughout the year for anybody," said Jennifer.

Perhaps a holiday treat for yourself after treating so many others.

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