Shelter dogs set to be euthanized in Manatee County saved

Recent raids of homes with animals in terrible living conditions have packed the Manatee County Animal Shelter.

The deadline to euthanize dogs to make space for new animals passed at 5 p.m. Monday, but a last minute push saved the lives of 11 dogs on the list.
Tim Bandru saved a dog named Blackie from certain death with just eight hours before his euthanization.

"The most that we can do is bring one more in our home," he said. 

The surge in animals came because of a recent raid at Napier's Log Cabin Horse Animal Sanctuary. More than 200 dogs were rescued from the horrifying conditions. Bandru saw the story and had to adopt. "I want to say yes to all of them,” he said, “but we found one.”

The SPCA of Florida took 14 dogs to their Lakeland no-kill shelter to be adopted, saving the last of the dogs on the overcrowding list. 

"Three of them were on the list to be euthanized today,” SPCA spokesman Adam Lamb said. “The rest we took in so that we could open up space for next week so they are not faced with the same issue they are faced with this week."

Manatee County Animal Services Chief Kris Weiskopf welcomed the help. 

"I am hoping that it continues like that,” he said.

He added that all of the dogs coming into his shelter should be able to live a long life in a loving home. He stresses that people need to make sure dogs and cats are spayed and neutered because shelters all over the Tampa Bay area run into overcrowding problems from time to time.
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